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How do you heat your home?

Wood Pellets:
We carry two types of wood pellets.  One is a hardwood pellet, and the other is a softwood pellet.  Most people ask, “What’s the difference?”
The main difference you will notice is the softwood burns at a much higher temperature, and produces noticeably less ash.  To break this down even further:
Hardwood Pellets deliver 8,000 BTUs per pound.
Blended Pellets deliver 8,500 BTUs per pound.
Softwood Pellets deliver 9,000 BTUs per pound.

Softwood and hardwood pellets have the same density; 44 lbs per cubic foot.

BioBricks are an alternative to burning cord wood in your stove. So, you ask – what’s the advantage to burning BioBricks?
They are ideally sized for wood stoves.
Packing density is optimized.
This high density fuel extends your burn times greatly.
100% wood, no artificial binders
Cost effective, 1 lb of BioBricks equals 1.7 lbs of cordwood
Environmentally friendly using our renewable resources
Clean burning – minimal smoke, creosote and ash
Lights with newspaper, no mess, no chopping, no bugs
Easy to handle 38 – 42 lb packs with 50 packs per pallet
BioBricks from BioPellet, LLC lessens our dependence on foreign oil
Safely and easily stores inside or out (UV pallet cover)
Pallet size approximately 4x4x3 and is easily stackable
Average burn time of 12 hours per stove fill
Uniformity in size, density and moisture ensures predictable burning each time

So the real question is… why not try BioBricks today!

Stoves and Accessories:
Each store has a few pellet and wood stoves in stock as well as all the supplies you need to install or repair them. We even have any stove pipe piece you could need to install your new stove. So, stop into Campbell’s True Value today and we’ll help with your home heating in every way we can!

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