Which Pet Food?

Pet food is one of the hardest topics when it comes to owning a pet.
But honestly, what is there to look for when picking a food? Who do I trust? How do I know my pet even likes it?

At Campbell’s, we are ready to help with the answers you need. We take pride in caring for them like you do! Many pet health related issues arise from the very food they’re eating. Often these are related to ingredients such as grain or processed meat products. Lower end pet foods require HUGE portions, often multiple cupfuls per serving, because there is so much filler in the bag!

Don’t be fooled by a cheap bag of food, only to find out that it actually has fewer servings and is more like a diet of french fries than meat and vegetables.

We are fully stocked with a variety of quality pet foods. Stop in and check it out!

What brand of food do you feed your pet?

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