Winter Bird


As the colder weather comes in and the winter begins, the birds changing their eating habits. Even birds that usually eat insects may start to eat berries to help supplement their diet. Overall, birds will look for a primary source of reliable food and this could be you!

Birds have a hard time throughout the winter. The days are short, and often the nights are long and cold. A birds natural food source is usually already taken, or covered in snow. This is where you come in! Providing high fat, high energy food for the birds will help them survive the winter weather. Try to keep the feeder out of the wind, and even sprinkling some seeds on the ground can attract a whole different kind of bird.

We carry all types of bird food and bird feeders. From suet, sunflower hearts, and sunflower seeds to thistle, and cracked corn. Plus, we have all types of bird feeders to fit any situation and style!

And don’t forget that those little squirrels will eat some of the feeds you put out! So, buy a little extra! 🙂